Personalized Chiropractic treatment to reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase strength.

Improve Function

Increase Strength

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Reduce Pain

Do you struggle with:

  • Migraines or tension headaches
  • Constant pain in wrists, elbows, or shoulders
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Sharp pain in your feet
  • Chronic pain
  • Sciatica
  • More
woman with neck pain
Dr. Jordon performing Chiropractic care on a patient.

Dr. Jordon Centofanti

Dr. Jordon Centofanti takes a unique approach to the evaluation and treatment of the dysfunction of the muscles, nerves, joints, and most importantly, fascia.

Fascia, more commonly known as “connective tissue”, comes in many forms. The most notable being tendons, ligaments and joint capsules. Almost every physical problem; dysfunction, pain, tightness, and imbalance are either caused or worsened by issues involving fascia.

How it Works


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Begin the plan of care created specifically for you. One meant to help you reach the goals discussed during your discovery call and evaluation.


Problem Resolution

Get back to living the life you want to live, with the tools and knowledge to live a healthier life.

The Mission

The goal is to always provide the highest quality care. A tailored plan will be created for you to ensure your goals are met. You will be given the tools, techniques, and knowledge to take control of your own success, while simultaneously being guided through our process of Rehab/Sports Therapy and Chiropractic.

  • Evidence-Informed
  • Patient Goal Focused
  • Patient Experience

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