Is knee pain a chronic issue in your life? Knee pain is a very common and highly treatable issue affecting many people. But, if left untreated knee pain can progress to issues when walking and moving from sitting to standing, instability, muscular weakness, reduced mobility and quality of life.

Our solution to knee pain relief is the best in Toms River, NJ. Our team of Chiropractors at Flow Chiropractic & Sports Therapy has extensive experience in treating knee pain. With the use of the very best functional movements, extremity adjusting, and manual therapy (trigger point, active release, fascial manipulation) to reduce pain and improve mobility. After meeting with our providers, a custom created treatment plan will be created to help you attain your goals.

The providers at Flow Chiropractic & Sports Therapy have the goal of reducing your pain and improving your quality of life. This is why we offer not only the very best rehab chiropractic care but also lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling for long-term health benefits. Knee pain should be the least of your worries, contact us today!

Common Conditions

Knee pain is an extremely common occurrence and one that is caused by a variety of factors including injury, poor mechanics and/or muscular imbalance and stress. An examination will help to provide the appropriate information for diagnosis.

A condition in which the knee cap (patella) moves out of its track during knee movement. Generally associated with pain during movement. You may also feel popping/cracking, joint locking, or feeling as is your knee may “buckle”.

An injury to the ligament (infra-patellar ligament) below the knee cap/patella, typically from overuse when running, jumping, and rapid directional changes when moving. It is common to experience pain below the knee cap, swelling and stiffness.

An injury to the fascial tendon on the outside of the hip, thigh, and knee. Typically from poor lower body mechanics, overuse, and trauma. You may experience pain and tightness on the outside of the hip or knee.

It is important to know that stretching your IT Band is anatomically impossible. The amount of force needed to stretch the IT Band will cause a fracture to the bones of the hip/thigh/knee before the tissues of the IT Band are changed.